2011 Green Resolutions

2011 Green Resolutions

2011 Green Resolutions

As we say goodbye to 2010 and hello to 2011 it is that wonderful time of year where you make promises to yourself that you never keep. Instead of promising yourself things like saving money, losing weight or being a better person turn it all around and make a resolution that could encompass all of those resolutions you never stick to! I have compiled a list of resolutions that should be much easier to stick to that I hope will become a part of your everyday life.

1. Just say NO to disposables! Always keep reusable bags, bottles and utensils in your car, office, or house. Many stores now give discounts to you if you BYOB (bring your own bag or bottle). I have reusable utensils in my office, at home and I even bring them with me when I go out just in case. It may sound nuts but it works and can save you lots of money. Reusable Shopping Bags, Good Life Water Bottles Order Here!,

2. Educate yourself! Promise to learn even a little about your impact on our environment. Investigate where your purchases come from or at least investigate your purchase impact. Your small changes can make huge differences in the way you live your life for everyone. Going Green Today Click here!, Environmental Impact Assessment: A Practical Guide

3. Plant Something! When the time comes this year plant something. It doesn’t matter what and it really doesn’t take that much effort. Contribute to the environment, you might like it! Plant Trees as a Gift, Organic Seeds

4. Recycle! I still know many people who don’t care about recycling. I know some area’s don’t even have adequate recycling facilities or systems but take it upon yourself. Go to a bottle return or check out the items you are buying some companies do exchange programs. Talk to people in your community and see what they do or if they would be interested in starting a recycling system locally. There are many green companies now that are willing to take your garbage and upcycle it into something else! Flings Recycle 4-pack Bin, Rubbish!: Reuse Your Refuse

5. Donate! Give a donation to an environmental/animal charity. There are plenty out there that all need support. You can donate even $1 or purchase from their online stores. That could be a great excuse for why you had to go on a mini-shopping spree! Help raise money for Sierra Club., Adopt An Animal At ShopNWF.org To Help Conserve Wildlife!, or Become a member of WSPA and help end the inhumane treatment of animals around the world..

6. Buy Local! Make an effort to purchase as much as you can from local businesses and farmers. If you help your local community it will help you and your family just as much. There is a responsibility that has been forgotten about regarding our local communities. Everyone has gotten so used to taking care of our own spaces while damaging others. We have forgotten the importance of community and involvement. The Locavore’s Handbook: The Busy Person’s Guide to Eating Local on a Budget,

7. Travel Efficiently! Instead of running errands all week pick 1 day you can get it all done. Make lists, get out your coupons, and figure out the most efficient route to get to all of the places you need to get to. You will save on gas, money and time. No more forgetting to get something or having to run out last minute. It may also save on your car maintenance costs if you are effective enough. If you own a GPS set all of the destinations and have the GPS give you the quickest route to all of the places. You might just be surprised at all the time and money save. Garmin Portable GPS Navigator, Recycled Note Pads or they have one of this for almost everywhere eat.shop nyc: A Curated Guide of Inspired and Unique Locally Owned Eating and Shopping Establishments in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island

8. Clean up your Act! You spend alot of time in your home and you like it to be clean. Instead of using all of the hyped up soaps, cleaners and detergents try to go green. Method makes amazing products right here in the USA that are safe for the environment and your family. There are plenty of other cleaning companies that are concerned with the environment and create their products as such. Try replacing the soaps, detergents, cleaners, wipes, dryer sheets and dusting products with green companies. You will save money, the environment and have an exceptionally clean and lovely smelling place to live. Method Biodegradable & Non-toxic Bathroom Detox Cleaning Kit or Eco-Discoveries,

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