The 4th of July is almost here! Celebrate it with some homemade noise makers! You can make your own 4th of July Maraca’s from thing that are around your house!


• at least 2 plastic bottles (water, juice, yogurt etc.)

Gorilla Glue

Kids Classic Recycled Scissors

• rubber bands

Biodegradable Water Balloons

• rice uncooked or dried beans or even dry lentils

• something to use as a handle (straw, popsicle stick, old pen or pencil)

•decorative elements such as beads, stickers, markers, buttons, glitter, paint or anything lying around the house like broken jewelry or hair accessories.


• Make a hole at the bottom of the bottle, using the scissors or a knife (this is a job for the adults).

• Pour glue on the hole.

• Put the handle in the hole. Give it a moment to make sure the handle stays put.

• Fill up the bottles half way with the rice, beans or lentils.

• Cover the top of the container with the balloon.

• Use the rubber bands to to tie the bottom of the balloon to the handle of the maraca.

• Get to decorating! Make them as fun as you want! Use anything you find from around the house. You can even use things you find outside like leaves, sticks, acorn shells!

• Let them dry so none of the decorations fall off or get smudged.

• After they have dried, PLAY WITH THEM!

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