5 Green Cleaners, You Can Make @ Home

I was searching for household things I can make at home, which is something I love to do, when I came across this article that made me super excited. Green Cleaning Products you can make at home!! This was something I am sure was done in the days before you could make a quick trip to the grocery was a reality or even an option. So here are some of them with my own little twists:

Bath & Shower Cleaner:
1 tablespoon of Rumford Baking Powder
1 cup white distilled organic vinegar
This mixture can be used to remove soap scum & stuck on residue.

Drain Cleaner::
Boil a pot of water. While water is boiling sprinkle 1/2 cup of Rumford Baking Powder down the drain then immediately pour 1/2 cup of white distilled organic vinegar then when the water is finished boiling pour it immediately down the drain.

Removing Oil From Pots & Pans
Oily pots and pans only need used organic coffee grounds to be rubbed on the oily pot or pan and left to soak up the oil. After leaving for a while to sit wash the pot or pan and rinse.

Dishwashing Soap – Mix equal parts Dr Bronner Castile Liquid Soap , any scent you prefer, with white distilled organic vinegar and a splash of Hydrogen Peroxide Antiseptic Solution 16 Oz in a bottle with some water. You can choose to add some fresh squeezed organic lemon or your favorite organic essential oil to give it your favorite scent.

Clean & Disinfect Your Cutting Board
Rub Rumford Baking Powder into your cutting board. Spray the board down with distilled white organic vinegar and a squeeze of fresh organic lemon. Let it sit for about 10-15 minutes. Wipe down with warm water. For those difficult stains, reuse a piece of If You Care Aluminum Foil, 100% Recycled
to scrub the board.

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