7 Rings of Peace Earrings

7 Rings of Peace

7 Rings of Peace

Mother’s day is almost here and you know an important part of being a mother is keeping the peace in the home but does she get enough peace herself? Maybe not? Why not give her the gift of peace with the 7 Rings of Peace Earrings made by From War to Peace. These fantastically designed earrings drew inspiration from ancient times where 7 circlesmeant perfection as well as the 7 pointed star which stands to represent the peaceful union of all nations and faiths. How more peaceful can jewelry get right?
The 7 circlesbronze earrings were recycled from bronze that was formerly disarmed nuclear missiles systems. I have written other articles about From War to Peace’s bracelets made from disarmed bullets.
I love these items and I think your mother would too! They can be worn everyday but are elegant enough to be dressed up for a fancy evening out! I may not be a mother but I am definitely going to purchase a pair of these earrings for myself ASAP!

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