7 Rings Peace Bronze Bracelet

7 Rings of Peace

 I have written about From War to Peace before but now that I actually have my hands on some of their items I had to write again.

First of all look at my bracelet! Come one don’t you love it! Besides being so beautiful I have to say my favorite part is the magnetic closure.  I know who cares about closures but while I was trying the bracelet on and I held one end of the closure the other followed quickly and snapped shut.  I cannot tell you how annoyed I get trying to put on my bracelets one handed.  It almost forces you to constantly wear bangles.  I am so in love with the 7 Rings design From War to Peace has that I even have the matching earrings.  I know it looks simple but the detail where the rings intersect adds bonus decoration. It may seem simple but these pieces are so me. 

I wore the 7 Rings earrings and bracelet this weekend and got a multitude of complements which was my goal because then I got to give people a heads up on From War to Peace’s mission.  I think how From War to Peace’s  products are made is part of the appeal and if I can get more people out there made aware of what From War to Peace is doing it is better for everyone.

 Let me not forget to add another extremely important aspect to how awesome From War to Peace is they are an American business. The peace bronze, designs and products are made right here from the mining process to the making of the jewelry!

Product Info:
Our flagship design and our most popular. In ancient times, 7 circles meant perfection. In our filagree piece, the rings of peace form a 7-pointed star, representing the peaceful unity of all nations and faiths. An original design by Jason Main.
The magnetic clasp is very strong and robust. Easier to put on with one hand than a regular ‘Lobster-Claw’ clasp.
The Bracelet is 7″ round, perfect for most wrists.

About From War to Peace
Founders Paul and Sandee Ogren shared a dream of a world without war. They dreamt of a world where bombs are turned into beauty, hate into love, and war into peace. From War to Peace is their attempt to help make that dream a reality.

The story of From War to Peace is a story of transformation:
We recycle copper from disarmed nuclear missile systems to create Peace Bronze, the most precious metal in our world. We use it to make glorious art and jewelry for those who share our commitment to a world without war.
From War to Peace is a green company. We recycle everything, making the old newly useful. Our silver- and gold-plated pieces are created entirely from recycled metals. Our printed paper is all recycled. All plastics we use are biodegradable. Our Peace Bronze itself is recycled from missile system cabling. Even the server hosting our website uses solar technology to power its computers.
From War to Peace is a uniquely American company. The copper we use was originally mined in Montana, then used in the Midwest as wiring in nuclear missile systems before being disarmed. After recovering the copper, the Peace Bronze is made for us at a California foundry. We use casting foundries in New Mexico & CA for our casting. Local artisans turn it into jewelry and art objects here in the U.S.A.
From War to Peace is a giving company. We donate 20 percent of all FWTP profit to deserving peace and social justice organizations in the U.S.A. and around the world.

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