A different kind of 12 Step Program

So there is all this stimulus talk going around and all sorts of people telling you about how you should be spending it.   Besides the bills we all have to catch up on, possibly repairing the house or buying those precious little things you have been doing with out lately.  I read an article recently about making your stimulus green and their recommendations were simple. These are measures everyone can take now with or with out a stimulus! Not only will taking these steps and continuing them help you save money but also you will be helping save the environment.

1. Only shop locally, purchase local items when possible.  Help stimulate your local economy. Harvesting support for locally grown food: Lessons learned from the be a local hero, buy locally grown campaign

2. Repair/replace leaky fixtures in your home. You can conserve water, save on heat, gas and electric. Green Toys Tool Set

3. Buy a GPS and it set to take the most efficient route to your destination.  You can save on gas and time management. Garmin – nüvi 255W GPS. (click link to purchase)

4. Buy & carry reusable shopping bags, most stores sell them for under $5.00.  There will be less clutter in your home as well as creating less waste. Green Bee 3pk Reusable Shopping Bags W/Pouch

5. Buy recycled content items such as toilette tissue, paper towels, tissues, trash bags, ink toner, and copy paper. 100% Recycled Facial Tissue – 100ct

6. Don’t buy disposable kitchenware, purchase things that are reusable.  Doing the dishes really isn’t that bad. Dapple Dish Liquid – 17 oz.

7. Use a bicycle or walk if/when possible.  That is good for you and the environment.  Or even car pool with friends and neighbors when you can! Shop for Cycling Gear at Eastern Mountain Sports
8. Turn things off when they aren’t being used. The Home Energy Diet: How to Save Money by Making Your House Energy-Smart (Mother Earth News Wiser Living Series)

9. Recycle what you can.  Even though some places may not have the best programs doing something is better than nothing. Suncast Recycle Bin Kit BH183PK

10. Buy a few reusable wate r bottles to keep with you.  You can rotate bottles during washes. Base Brands 16-Ounce Reduce WaterWeek Bottle, Set of 5
11. Do your bill paying and banking online you can save your receipts & statements.  Use e-vites for invitations and cards. ONLINE BANKING ORGANIZER bill pay monthly record book

12. Keep yourself informed.  New easy ways to help the environment are being introduced everyday.  The more you know the more you can help. Hot, Flat, and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution–and How It Can Renew America

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