A Little Green Education



I really like the idea that colleges and universities are making green education a part of their curriculum. The college I attended made sure we understood the idea of sustainability and how it is beneficial in design and business practices.  The concepts I learned while in school are fascinating to me even today.  It made all of the students excited to be greener and more aware of our impact on the environment.

Finally a list has been made rating colleges and universities on their “greenness”! This is a long time coming.  The Princeton Review has developed a Green Honor Roll in 2010.  The Green Honor Roll is a list and rating system to look into  while considering where to send your children or even if you are interested in returning to school yourself.  We need to support institutions that are intent on practicing what they preach.  The more these institutions are supported the more they can grow and hopefully influence other businesses and institutions to take the same approach.
Some of these schools are:
Harvard University
Yale University
Binghamton University
North Eastern University
Arizona State University
Colorado College

Check it out for yourself: The Best 371 Colleges, 2010 Edition (College Admissions Guides) (click link to purchase)

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