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Today I finally opened the Gone but Not Forgottenalbum for dogs who didn’t get rescued in time on Facebook. I cannot tell you how much my heart hurts today after seeing soo many beautiful animals needlessly killed because they couldn’t be adopted or fostered. I have been trying to do my part and sharing these dogs stories and photos with as many people as I can in hopes of helping these poor dogs find a new home. This “cross-posting” definitely takes a toll especially when an animal you were trying to save is put in the Gone But Not Forgotten photo album.
Today I write this article to ask for two things:
1. Help “cross-posters” out! Share the photos and stories of these animals so we can keep them from being destroyed. Please either e-mail me or find me on Facebook and I will get you in touch with the right people. Please help us help these animals.
2. Please read and follow NO Kill NEWS so you can stay on top of the news on where animals might be able to go or new laws that can help us save these guys! Another way to help is by visiting the NO KILL NATION store and help support an amazing cause.
Rescuing animals is something so near and dear to me. All of my pets are rescues and I encourage everyone I come across who is searching for a pet to rescue one. You are doing your community and the animal such a service. Imagine someone just leaving you out on the streets by yourself and one day you get brought to a place where you know no one or what is going on only to be destroyed a short time later. Why would we treat any living thing that way? These animals can’t help themselves they need us to care. With all the wrong that goes on in this world on a daily basis something small like helping rescues find a forever home is something that is so right and will make you feel amazing. Please help these hardworking cross posters and please please donate to NO Kill NATION!

Get started with the Animal rescue today!

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