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A Place of Our Own

A Place of Our Own

Keeping your children and family healthy isn’t always so easy with all of our busy schedules. Going that extra mile to not serve all healthy meals all the time and keep everyone active isn’t always at the forefront of our schedules but the more our families know about healthy living can help us all make the right choices. If your children learn healthy habits young it is much easier to keep those habits through adult hood. Being healthy and staying healthy is much easier than it used to be. Health is something everyone seems to be interested in so why not cement the healthy living cycle by keeping everyone in the house in the know?

Product Description:
A Place of Our Own: Health and Nutrition DVD’s host Debi Gutierrez holds interesting discussions about health and nutrition with parents, caregivers and child care experts. The topics discussed are exercise, proper eating habits, avoiding obesity, sleep, diabetes, asthma and much more. A PLACE OF OUR OWN also includes 9 exciting activities you can do at home with your children to help them get them interested in health and nutrition. The earlier children learn about nutrition the easier it is for them to make the right choices for healthy living as they get older.

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