Adopt A Harp Seal

Adopt a Harp Seal – $20

The National Wildlife Federation offers everyone the chance to adopt endangered species for at little at $20! There are plenty of animals to choose from you can adopt more than one even! Symbolic adoptions can be given as gifts to your favorite animal lover, for school projects even as community events. You can adopt for more than just $20. You can help animals in need around the America. Do your part and purchase a symbolic adoption today!

Product Description:
The Harp Seals need your help! With this symbolic adoption you will receive: a certificate of adoption & a 11” x 14” full-color poster. Your adoption is symbolic and your donation will be used where it is needed most to help protect America’s imperiled wildlife. Standard shipping via USPS is included in your adoption. Offer good while supplies last. NWF may substitute your gift with one of similar value.

Symbolic Animal Adoptions help animals affected by the Oil Spill. Make a difference today & get Free Shipping!

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