Afterglow Glow Kit Bronzer

Afterglow Glow Kit Light

Your choice in cosmetics is just as important in your choice of food, clothing and accessories. How would you feel if you realized your cosmetics were tested on animals. It would break my heart, as much as it would yours I am sure. That being said you know you are making the right choice when you choose Afterglow.
Afterglow Organic Bronzer is composed of 100% pure mineral ingredients. Afterglow is also one of the few American cosmetic brands. Afterglow Cosmetics are top-rated for safety in the Skin Deep cosmetics database and certified organic ingredients whenever possible. They are gluten free, petrochemcial and paraben free, bismuth oxychloride and carmine free. 100% natural. A portion of the proceeds of every purchase of Afterglow Organic Glow Bronzer is donated breast cancer awareness associations. Most importantly Afterglow products are not tested on animals.
Afterglow Cosmetics, Inc

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