Are You Keeping Your Labor Day Green

Go Green for Labor Day

Go Green for Labor Day



I know most of us have off of work this Monday September 5th for Labor Day and we love to go out and shop the amazing sales everyone, even green businesses, are having but have you considered partying, shopping or wasting? Why not take the time to clean your yard, fix broken things around the house or even better do some fun crafts from things that have been lying around the house.

I thought I would share my Labor Day weekend plans/ideas and maybe they will inspire you to do the same!

1. Clean up our yard. After the hurricane our garden and lawn is covered in leaves, branches and garbage which needs to be sorted through and recycled. I will also keep an eye out for things I can use to make crafts for this weekend.

2. Get veggies and herbs out of my garden that are ready to be picked.

3. Cooking for the week using what I have gotten from my garden and from around the house that has been sitting there waiting to be used.

4. Decorate my house for Halloween. I have been waiting all summer to decorate and since the weather has been much cooler lately I see no reason not to.

5. Clean and organize the house. There have been some cabinets, closets and drawers that I have been ignoring that need some organization. In the process I can put things aside to use in crafts.

6. Work out! Why not get your fitness on while you have a 3 day weekend! Healthy minds start with healthy bodies. Plus if you are putting all of this effort into cleaning up the environment you can save some time for yourself right?

7. Find fun fall crafts to do for Halloween, fall or back to school anything. Remember to use the items you found from your yard or when cleaning out your closets, cabinets and closets.

8. Have family time. Play games, watch a movie or eat a family meal. You have 3 whole days to spend together make the most of it. Take this time to learn more about how your family can be greener!

9. Take time to relax. Read a book instead of watching television. Make some at home spa treatments for yourself. Take a nice bath to release the stresses from your daily life.
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