Are Your Pots Safe?

I know most of us greenies are all about organic and local food for our bodies but what about the tools we use to cook and prepare our food? How safe are all of the items we use? Who knows, I have no idea what my pots are made of or where they really came from. I have some expensive ones that were gifts and cheap ones I bought for last minute reasons. I have never really considered what I am cooking in may not be safe at all.

Did you know:
When heated, Teflon emits toxic particles and gasses, linked to countless human health illnesses. Aluminum cookware has raised health concerns due to its effect on the human nervous system and is linked to Alzheimer’s Disease. Stainless steel contains both chromium and nickel, (the 18/8 stainless referring to the percentage of each element contained). Both of these substances in the form they are used to make stainless steel are considered toxic to humans, causing a wide range of adverse health effects.
Green Cooking Pots are made of enameled cast iron and are free of any chemicals, making them a great alternative to potentially toxic cookware. Green Cooking Pots and skillets make healthy cooking affordable and simple. Enameled cast iron absorbs heat and distributes it evenly, creating an efficient cooking experience, whether it is the slow roasting of vegetables or the simmering of soups. They can be used on any heat source including the oven for casseroles or baking bread.”

I have never actually thought of my pots and pans of cute but an added bonus to purchasing Green Cooking Potsare super cute and colorful! That may not mean much to you but I absolutely love color where ever I can get it so these pots have me way excited. I will say that the pots are moderately priced so to buy a bunch at once may not be a reasonable option for everyone but once your old pots are ready to be recycled you can purchase piece by piece or if you are soon to be married think about putting Green Cooking Pots on your registry.

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