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I was as usual searching for things to buy for my home. I am on a mission to slowly rid my home of the un-green. Lately I have been wanting new carpets. We have pets so I needed something easy to clean but I wanted something stylish as well. Not an easy feat with our zoo! Then I remembered something I had read about bamboo carpets. They were the perfect choice. Not only is bamboo one of the most renewable resources in the world but it had all the elements I was looking for in new carpets. I know the carpet may not look soft but I have sat on bamboo mats before and they are smooth and flat. They don’t hurt your feet or splinter like other more rough fibers tend to do.

Bamboo rugs and carpets from Natural Area Rugs are made from the high quality natural materials. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing & strongest plants on earth. Bamboo’s strength is combined with its natural beauty to create the simple clean cut look of bamboo rugs. The Bamboo Rug is easy to clean and built to last. They are exclusively imported for Natural Area

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