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One aspect of ethical or green shopping that has seriously been lacking are reward programs. Reward programs are huge right now and even the smallest of stores are doing it successfully. It has been difficult to find green businesses that do something other than donate a percentage of your purchase to a specific cause. I think that is a wonderful idea, don’t get me wrong, but non-ethical shoppers are more likely to do something when incentivized. EcoPlum is a place where you can get that done at one online shop. EcoPlum has the usual break down of ecofriendly products to choose from leaving no real reason not to shop and earn rewards. Every dollar you spend at their store earns you one EcoChipz before shipping or taxes. After you have earned a minimum of 150 Ecochipz you can begin redeeming your rewards. You can see a breakdown of the rewards on if you click here. You have a few options to choose from. The program also kind of forces the shopper to be loyal as the first sign of incentive is after you spend $150 and you get a choice of 3 different $5 options. I know that doesn’t seem like much after spending $150 but it is definitely a decent start. The more ethical companies start doing this ( EcoPlum isn’t the first I have seen that offers a reward program but they definitely have a much wider variety than many I have seen previously.) the better the incentives can become. I hope one day they can manage to compete with non-ethical companies and give them a run for their money!

About EcoPlum is the green shopping rewards site with ecofriendly products and green living ideas that makes it fun, easy and rewarding to go green. Under our loyalty program, buy green at EcoPlum online to earn EcoChipz rewards points, good for coupons in our shop or donations to environmental causes. We carefully select stylish and unique green products from vendors who earned third party sustainability certification, carry notable eco-labels, or make products primarily from recycled materials. EcoPlum’s mission is to foster environmental stewardship by informing, empowering and inspiring a community of people to be conscious of their daily habits, purchases, and impact on the world’s limited resources. A trusted source for information on how to be green, we have a wide array of original content and a strong social media presence. EcoPlum’s online shop carries ecofriendly clothing, green accessories, fair trade jewelry, safe cosmetics and skincare, and other environmentally friendly products. We produce monthly columns from industry experts on Eco Friendly Beauty, Green Entertainment, Green Interior Design, Local and Organic Cooking, Greening Our Schools, Green Fashion and other EcoLiving topics. Every day, we curate the best green tips and videos, and breaking environmental news for our readers, while encouraging them to share this content and their own. We are also a resource for local green business listings, recycling information, restaurant and travel listings, book and video recommendations, and much more.
The EcoPlum Blog, Confessions of a Reformed Consumer, follows founder Gia Machlin on her personal journey from an over-consuming, waste-producing materialist to an informed environmentalist. Gia and EcoPlum have been featured on Green is Good Radio, WOR Talk Radio, Crain’s New York, and in many other business publications. EcoPlum is a Green America approved business.
EcoPlum, Where it Pays to Buy Green®”

JP Selects

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JP Selects is a company which has made it it’s mission to broaden the horizons of sustainable green businesses. JP Selects helps these small companies with advertising and even global distribution and logistics through Strader Ferris company. Not every brand is the absolute greenest but they do make they all have conscious aspects whether it is using recycled packaging, purchasing carbon offsets or being biodegradable.
JP Select’s variety of products go from fashion to home to pet to health and wellness. If conscious shopping is important to you than you are bound to find a brand that you are already loyal to and definitely new ones to start trying.
If you are interested in trying JP Select’s featured brands you can check out their How We Select section to make sure their processes are up to your standards.

About JP Selects from their own mouth:
Our Mission
We are committed to scouting the world for the best up and coming brands and entrepreneurs who are making a difference with more sustainable products and by giving back.

Who We Are
Named after our co-founder, humanitarian and entrepreneur John Paul DeJoria, at JP Selects we scout the USA and the World for the best up and coming brands and entrepreneurs. Every brand on JP Selects is vetted and tested by our team to ensure the quality of their products and the sustainability of their production. To further help emerging brands reach a broader audience, JP Selects also provides support with global distribution and logistics.

JP Selects and the brands on our platform believe in supporting the environment and society, and we all contribute to important causes, because as our founder says, “Success unshared is failure”. Be the first of your friends to discover our emerging brands, all while making a difference.

About John Paul DeJoria
John Paul DeJoria is the co-founder of Paul Mitchell Systems, Patron Spirits, and now JP Selects. He is a renowned humanitarian who, from humble beginnings, has dedicated his life’s work to improving the well-being of millions of people across the world.

John Paul and his wife, Eloise, believe that each of us has a daily responsibility to make the world a better place. With the philosophy that “Success Unshared is Failure”, John Paul has launched this innovative enterprise that will bring a multitude of ethically-conscious brands to public attention.

Eco Icons
All our brands support sustainability and great causes. You can find eco icons on brands indicating the value that each brand puts on sustainability, social causes and the way each brand makes this a better world. The key below explains what each of the icons represent – view How We Select to learn more.

Raven + Lily


Raven + Lily is a company I recently stumbled upon that is for women and about women. I do appreciate any business that was developed, run and helps support women artisans. Raven + Lily‘s mission is to allow under appreciated women showcase their talents while making sure the proceeds of their hard work and effort go to helping fund education, healthcare and micro-loans to allow these artisans fund their own passions for their families and communities.
Raven + Lily sells clothing, accessories and gift items that are all fabulously cute, fair trade and ethical! You greenies know I always say how important it is for us support businesses like these to make sure they flourish. Not only will your purchases help’s dreams but the dreams of female artisans in Africa, Cambodia and India. You are giving women the chance to help support their families, get educations and healthcare where they otherwise might not be able to.

About Raven + Lily:
Founded by Kirsten Dickerson and Sophia Lin who share a close friendship and passion for fashion and ethical design, Raven + Lily was created as a platform to utilize those passions to alleviate poverty among women.
In addition to creating sustainable economic opportunities for marginalized women, Raven + Lily is dedicated to returning proceeds to our partner communities to fund education, healthcare, and micro-loans. By purchasing R+L products, consumers are part of breaking the cycle of poverty and transforming the lives of women and families.
Our current collections feature exclusive handmade and eco-friendly jewelry and accessories from North India, Cambodia, and Ethiopia. The beauty of each modern, organic design reflects the beauty and culture of the woman who made it.
The Ethiopia Collection is comprised of statement necklaces, earrings and bracelets crafted with handmade beads + charms from melted bullet casings and vintage silver coins. This collection empowers HIV-positive women in Ethiopia.
The India Collection features gorgeous recycled cotton papers, hand-carved wood journals, metallic leather jewelry and hand-milled natural soaps. This collection empowers marginalized women in Northern India.
The Cambodia Collection includes eco-friendly bags and t-shirts made with hand-loomed, natural-dyed, and remnant materials. These hand-printed pieces are made with love by HIV positive and formerly trafficked women in Cambodia.
Raven + Lily is proud to be a member of the Ethical Fashion Forum’s 500 Fellows around the globe. This is an exclusive group of 500 of the world’s foremost innovators and leaders in the fashion sector. We also received the StayClassy regional winner award for Philanthropic Business of the Year in 2012. We are certified by “Green America” as an environmentally and socially responsible business.

Green Cupboards

Green Cupboards

Green Cupboards

It seems I have been slacking on my hunting down green businesses. I have been a bad beagle! I didn’t want to continue to disappoint so I have found I have written a few articles on items I have found at their store. offers a wide variety of items such as toys, grocery items, outdoor, office and even electronics. I know many green retailers may sell green products but their values are lacking. GreenCupboards.comgoes out of their way to assure their customers that they are as legitimate as their products.

About Green Cupboards is a leading online retailer of eco-friendly products for homes and businesses. Based in Spokane, Washington, the company was the winner of a regional university business plan competition and was subsequently co-founded in 2008 by Gonzaga University graduates Josh Neblett, Sarah Wollnick and their Adjunct Professor, Tom Simpson.
Struck by the lack of one-stop shopping alternatives for eco-friendly merchandise, the co-founders set out to create a customer-centric brand and streamline the way people buy green. Greencupboards targets consumers who strive to do the right things to sustain the planet, yet are challenged to find a broad selection of eco-friendly products that work and cost about the same as a their non-green counterparts.
GreenCupboards offers the vastest array of thoroughly vetted eco-friendly products of any e-retailer in our market. We currently provide approximately 15,000 unique items from over 600 suppliers. Critical to our mission, we endeavor to provide an easy, fun and educational shopping experience, over-the-top customer service and competitive prices. To date, we have satisfied the purchasing needs of over 100,000 consumers.
GreenCupboards employs over 50 youthful, zany and eco-friendly minds. Our culture is as dynamic as the shopping experience we deliver.

Preserve Toothbrush’s

Preserve Toothbrush

Preserve Toothbrush

This is basically the awesomest thing I have seen in a really long time. This toothbrush was made from recycled yogurt cups, they come in multiple colors and sizes. Stonyfield has partnered with Preserve to take their plastic scraps and plastic products to make the razors, tongue cleaners and toothbrushes. Preserve Jr. donates a portion of their proceeds to the National Wildlife Federation. Preserve does all recycling and manufacturing in the USA. The package that the tooth brush comes in is a no postage necessary mailable package to send back your toothbrush when you are done. The colors of the toothbrushes I bought are super cute too. My toothbrush is bright pink and the bf’s is a super cute blue. The brushes feel just like any you would buy in the store. I’m not sure why but I thought the brushes might feel different but they don’t which makes them even cooler.
I went to to see what else they have to offer and I am excited! They make razors, kitchen supplies, table ware and even to go products. The website is neat and clean and most of all colorful! I am soo in love right now. Preserves tableware is dishwasher safe which I think for moderate greenies/families is a definite plus.
You can also sign up for Gimme5 and Recyclebank on the Preserve website where you an earn rewards for recycling! If that isn’t incentive for doing the right thing I don’t know what is. There are all kinds of ways to earn points on both sites. I am extremely excited I found these sites and cannot wait to start earning points. The fun part is I already use most of the products that earn you points as well as have been recycling them! If only I knew about this sooner. Are you a member of Gimme5 or Recyclebank? If not you can log on with your Facebook account and show other people what you are doing.

Napa Soap Company

Napa Soap Company

Napa Soap Company





I love finding places that are green!! Besides having super cute and yummy smelling products a really cool thing they do is take packaging material donations which I think is pretty cool. Everybody should do this. It just makes sense especially now a days when people do so much online shopping and are swimming in boxes, peanuts or those plastic pillows. Simple ideas like these make for a greener world that is better for all of us. Another awesome bonus to Napa Soap Company is they make their soaps in the USA! To read more about Napa Soap Company and what they do Click right here!

Gifts With Humanity

Gifts With Humanity




I am not sure if you have ever heard of Gifts With Humanity but I personally shop here whenever I can especially if it is for a gift for someone. I feel like spreading the word about this Gifts With Humanity is important. Many people won’t know and possibly won’t care but it is important that your money goes to the proper places. Gifts With Humanity is an excellent way to spend your dollars and support good causes globally! Gifts With Humanity supports artisans from the Americas, Asia and Africa. The holidays are here and if you have to purchase a gift won’t you feel better about the seasons of giving and being thankful if your money goes to people who are giving us great crafts and even more thankful for the support.

This year give gifts that give a more. Our gifts are 100% fair trade, recycled and you get 10% of your entire order with coupon code XMAS. Valis until Dec 24th 2009.

About: Gifts With Humanity is the retail division of Global Fair Trade Crafts Inc DBA Global Crafts.
Global Crafts was founded in 2002 by Kevin Ward and Renice Jones, who met as volunteer computing teachers in Kenya realized the capacity of the web to help individual artisans. After three years in Kenya they came to the USA and setup Global Crafts, initially as a small Fair Trade retail store. It soon became apparent that to sell in volume and change the lives of the artisans, the wholesale business would have to grow.
Starting in a garage at home Global Crafts has become a $1 million a year outlet for Fair Trade artisan handicrafts. We look forward to continued growth in the next few years and hope we are making a small difference.

Gifts With Humanity

Nubius Organics, Yet Another Green Place to Shop

Besides bringing environmental and animal issues to light The Green Beagle finds it just as important to seek out companies that have green hearts and minds. I want you to do business with companies that make being green their business. I know it is difficult because many companies feign their environmentalism but if you know what to look for you can make the right decisions.
Nubius Organics about us section had a blurb that summed up exactly how I felt when starting my green mission ” But how? Where to start? There’s so much information out there – much of it overwhelming and difficult to fit into our lifestyles. It’s hard to know where to begin to be able to make a difference. The most consistent recommendation is to start slowly. Start small and even the most incremental changes will start to set free your inner environmentalist and things will just keep going from there! Please sign up for our weekly newsletter to keep apprised of simple tips and useful information that will help you on your way to green living!” I think this is one of the truest statements many of us have said at times.
Nubius Organics carries many of the popular green brands such as Chelsea Green Publishing, Under the Nile, Eco Bags and so on but they also carry a few I haven’t heard of. Nubius Organics carries a wide varieties of items for children, home, fashion and lifestyle. Their site is pretty cute to boot!
I always say it but I will say it again. It is our duty to support green minded businesses. I know the greenest way to be is to not shop at all but being realistic and understanding our materialistic nature we must do our part to research and support businesses that do research and support our environment. The only what to make change is to change ourselves! If you must shop spend your money at stores like Nubius Organics.

Equal Exchange

Equal Exchange Coffee, Tea and Chocolate Pairing Wheel If you love chocolate, tea or coffee then maybe you should consider Equal Exchange products. Equal Exchange products are Fair Trade and/or organic but what I like the most about Equal Exchange is how informational their website is. Many “green” companies give you what you want to hear so you will buy what they sell but Equal Exchange really details for their consumers how important our environment and sustainability really is as a part of their practices. Read Equal Exchange’s Resources page to learn about food practices, processes as well as what your choices really mean. My favorite part of Equal Exchange is their Get Involved page.  I personally love any company who is willing to want to educate their customers.  Dare them to do more than just buy something to actually participate in the movement.  How easy could
Equal Exchange
make it for you really?

About Equal Exchange:

Equal Exchange has created Big Change for over 20 years. It all started with an idea: what if food could be traded in a way that is honest and fair, a way that empowers both farmers and consumers? What if trade supported family farms that use organic methods, rather than industrialized agribusinesses that rely on harmful chemicals?

Our founders Rink Dickinson, Jonathan Rosenthal and Michael Rozyne asked these questions as they envisioned a trade model that values the farmers, consumers and the earth. So they took a big risk and plunged full-force into changing a broken food system. In 1986, they started with fairly traded coffee from Nicaragua and didn’t look back. Read more about our story.

Today, Equal Exchange continues to find new and powerful ways to build a better food system. Our products now include fairly traded and organic coffee, tea, chocolate and snacks from farmers all over the world, including here in the United States.

Our worker-owned co-op is based in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Because Equal Exchange was founded with democratic principles in mind, we strongly believe in a one-person, one-vote workplace without a corporate hierarchy. We partner with co-operatives of small-scale farmers who make their own decisions on business and community matters.

From the farmers co-ops to our co-op, we’re providing the best-tasting foods – while also making Big Changes to the way food ends up on your table. We’ll keep the ideas coming.

Sierra Club

Lotus Jayne

Lotus Jayne

Lotus Jayne

Lotus Jayne has some beautiful pieces on their store but more importantly I really just love the personal story that Lotus Jayne‘s creator has been kind enough to share about her family and her adopted daughter Jayne. Jill Kimball and her husband traveled to Cambodia to pick up their new addition and during this process wanted to give back to the country that gave them their precious gift. I think that is probably one of the most amazing love story I think I have heard ever. It is also a beautiful reason to have a store that wants to give back. Support Lotus Jayne and support fair trade!
About Lotus Jayne:Lotus Jayne began one sticky August afternoon in the year 2000 in Cambodia. A tiny little girl, my new daughter, sat on my lap staring numbly through the rain-splattered windshield as we pulled away from the AOA orphanage and all she knew. Ahead, over the muddy and rutted road, lay the Phnom Penh airport and her new life in the USA. It was one of those moments in life that one remembers forever. Here were my husband and I bringing a precious gift out of this devastated country. I realized then that we had an obligation to give back to Cambodia; her people had suffered so much, and so recently. At that time I had no idea what form giving back would take, but I did know that Jayne, like millions of children all over the world in war-torn countries, was orphaned through no fault of her own.One year later, Jayne’s Cambodian Classical dance teacher Somaly Hay and her husband Khan, refugees from the Pol Pot regime living in Connecticut, exposed me to the wonders of hand-loomed Cambodian silk scarves. As Khan turned an iridescent scarf this way and that, smiling as the fibers reflected light like liquid silver, I was a goner. Why had I never seen these textiles before in the U.S.? Realizing that affordable 100% hand-loomed Cambodian silk scarves were virtually unknown here, my friend and then-partner Katie Mahoney and I decided that the principles of fair trade would guide us in bringing these items to a receptive audience in our home community.

Today, as sole proprietor of Lotus Jayne, LLC, I source textiles and other fine handicrafts from Cambodia and also many other countries across the world. I work solely with suppliers whose efforts bring disadvantaged communities into the global marketplace, thus shortening the supply chain and eliminating the bites of profit taken out along the way. It is such a gift to see whole communities get a fair price for their handcrafted items and then go on to build schools for their children and so much more. Mothers no longer are under pressure to sell their daughters to sex traffickers, rural people don’t need to leave their villages to beg in cities for survival. Yes, there is still much to be done, but, truly, the work of fair trade is rescuing whole communities and their revered handicraft traditions from extinction.
I am so honored to continue offering you fair trade handicrafts from Cambodia and the world. Come back often and please send friends our link. We all have much to do to help isolated peoples compete in the global marketplace, your support makes this world a better place.
My cherished team consists of my intrepid assistant Melanie Kennedy, who brings a steady devotion and an open heart to all the work of this fair trade business. Mr. Thon Soem remains Lotus Jayne‘s Cambodian Representative, her tireless man-on-the-ground if you will, sorting through the many tangled skeins of cultural differences to source a particular scarf or piece of jewelry.
Really and truly, it is the artisans and their champions, like Kieng Sabay of Rajana and the talented women artisans of all sorts, who are the true heart of this fair trade enterprise. They deserve all the thanks we have and then some.

Lotus Jayne Fair Trade Gifts