Citrus Herbal Bath Mix

Citrus Herbal Bath Mix

Citrus Herbal Bath Mix

Use only dried materials.

1 oz. Organic Orange peel

1 oz. Whole Organic Orange flowers

1 oz. Organic Lemon Peel

1 oz. Organic Comfrey leaves

1 oz.Whole Organic Chamomile

1 oz. Organic Almond meal

This mixture will make approximately 8 to 10 baths. Store in a dry space. You can always add or take away any of the ingredients if you are not fond of them. There are any number of herbs you can replace these ingredients with.

Directions: When you are ready for a bath you can put a large handful of the mixture in muslin or mesh bag and drop the bag in the hot tub or you can leave it hanging on the faucet just enough to dangle into the tub. Some prefer to drop the herbs directly into the water. If you have a metal tea strainer or something of that kind, that will do as well. Another option is to make an infusion of herbs and then pour the liquid into the tub. All of these options work for your herbal bath.

Herbal Knowledge: Orange peel soothes the skin and is a natural antioxidant, Orange flowers help circulate oxygen to the brain, Lemon peel is an astringent, Comfrey leaves are used to relieve pain and reduce swelling, Chamomile relaxes and soothes the body, an Almonds are high in Vitamin E which is good for the skin.

All-natural and organic lavender flowers

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