Club House Theater

Club House Theater

Club House Theater

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Growing up as an only child I pretending was a huge part of my playing. I loved pretending I was staring in my own movie or play. I would make my own costumes or dress my dolls in their own costumes to help me with my theatrics. I know now children don’t always have much need for imagination because of all of the electronics that take over creativity for us. As much as I like technology I feel like children might be missing out on some really fun experiences that can expand their learning and playtime fun.
Oompa carries the Beka Club House Theater that is the perfect imagination station for any child. Beka Club House Theater has either chalkboard or white board to add to the artistic endeavors and imaginations. The Club House Theater has a place to put puppets and colorful curtains to make the club house seem more like an actual theater. I think The Club House Theater is perfect for getting friends together and having fun. You can change up the stories, add puppets and even use the outside as scenery. The Club House Theater is perfect to use all year round inside or outside.
Some other added bonuses to The Club House Theaterare that this item is made right here in the U.S.A and is eco-friendly!

The Clubhouse Theater features a center panel and wing panels to help create a private play space for your child. The theater opens with a pair of colorful curtains (pattern may differ from the one shown in image), while metal braces secure the theater open during use. Available here with a white board (or marker board) art surface on the outer walls, allowing your child to advertise the evening’s performance. A series of rungs at the top of the theater allow you to display the puppet actors before they come on stage as well. Some adult assembly is required.
center panel: L 24 x H 47 in.
wing panels: L 21 in.
theater opening: L 22 x W 16.75 in.

It’s Eco Friendly!

This product is produced in such a way as to create minimal or no harm to the environment. This may include the use of biodegradable packaging, recycled materials, FSC certified wood products, nontoxic dyes and low-impact manufacturing and distribution. In addition, many of the companies with this designation will be classified as Green Businesses through their every day practices, from reducing office paper waste to contributing to environmental programs.

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