Creepy Closet Monsters

Creepy Closet Monsters



This is my favorite time of year with my favorite holiday coming up! I love decorating for Halloween! There are soo many fun things you and your family can do to spook up your home simply and inexpensivly with things you have lying around the house. Creepy Closet Monsters are the perfect way to decorate and get some use out of the wire hangers you might have lying around at home. If you like this craft enough you can do this for other holidays and even make some for everyday. Why not make your closet pretty instead of having to buy expensive hangers. You can even reinforce the wire hangers while decorating so they can last longer/hold heavier clothes.




Wire Hangers
Construction Paper
Poster Board
Card Stock
Tacky Glue
Any possible decorations you have lying around.


1.For each hanger, trace the body of a hanger onto poster board, then cut out the shape.

2.Cut facial features, designs, decorations from poster board and card stock, adhering them to the base shape with tacky glue.

3.Let the glue dry, then tape the poster board face or design to the hanger.

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