Delish After School Snack

After School Snack

After School Snack


4 organic bagels (any kind or even organic bread)
1 tub organic cream cheese (any flavor your children prefer even tofutti!)
8 organic strawberries
4 organic bananas
8 bamboo skewers


*Cut the bagels or bread in half and toast them. Then cut toasted pieces into quarters.
*Spread cream cheese onto the top of each bagel chunk.
*Cut bananas into 1-inch chunks.
*Cut the strawberries in halves
*String strawberries, bananas and bagel chunks onto skewers and serve.

Note: The best part about this snack is you can change it up. If your child has any particular allergies you can use any flavors and fruits you would like. Try using peanut butter and or jelly instead of cream cheese. You can trade your bread for graham crackers or no bread at all. This is such a versitle snack for your family can enjoy it all year round. Make a game of it and put out a variety of items for your children to build their own snacks!

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