DIY Moss Bath Mat

Moss Bath Mat

Moss Bath Mat


How awesomely fun is this! You can create you own Moss Bath Mat that gets water from the steam in your bathroom as well as from you when you dry off! Make sure to place the mat directly outside of your tub or shower like you would any other mat. I think this is a great use of greens in the home especially if you are someone who isn’t good at keeping plants alive. I personally managed to murder a cactus that has been in my office for the passed 3 years. I think I need a lesson in not murdering plants which is why this mat is so appealing to me. I found this fun little project right here if you want to see the full article.

Plastazote Foam Roll
X-ACTO Knife
Hot Glue Gun
Assorted moss plugs


1. Measure and cut two sheets of plastazote foam from the roll at 24-by-12 inches each. This plastic-foam material is what is used in making commercial moss mats, and is ideal for wet-dry use.

2. Lay one of the sheets of plastazote in front of you and place a large stencil in the center. It can be of any shape you want. Stick simple shapes if you are a beginner.

3. Trace the shape with a white crayon, since the plastazote material is dark in color.

4.. Cut around the shape tracing with an X-acto knife. Cut down through the entire depth of the material, and push out the cutout shape, leaving a perfect hole in the shape of the stencil. Do this as many times as you want on the material. Place smaller stencils around the large cutouts and repeat, as you please.

5. Squeeze a line of hot glue along all four edges of the second sheet of plastazote material. Layer the sheet with the holes over it evenly, pressing the edges together. This creates a single mat of about 2 inches thick. The top layer features perfect molds for filling with moss.

6. Moisten the top layer of the mat after it has dried for an hour. This gets it primed for the moss. Spray it with a fine mist of water from your shower head or a spray bottle.

7. Fill each “mold” in the top layer of the mat with your own selection of moss plugs, which can be purchased online or from specialty nurseries and gardening stores. Irish moss, Spanish moss and some forms of live sphagnum moss thrive well in these living eco-shower mats.


  1. How light-dependent is it? My bathroom is in the center of my house . . . no windows to the outside. Very dark, even in the daytime. Would it thrive under these conditions?

  2. So has anyone had problems with bugs getting in the moss and setting up shop? Bugs and spiders love mossy areas. These same bugs can get into a home. How to you keep them from getting into the mats?

  3. Eric Nelson says

    What thickness of Plastazote should I use?

  4. Love the moss bath mat! Would love to get your news letters

  5. Green Beagle, I totally love this!! May I share your link on my blog I talk about ways to live frugal and off the grid. I think some of my friends would LOVE this.

  6. past*
    not “passed”

  7. Cool idea, but I’m pretty sure my rabbit would eat it.

  8. Bonita Stiggins says

    Today I found a lot of these little green moss pods on the grthis ohund under my pines , could these be used for this ?? I had to ask my husband what they were .

  9. What different types of moss did you use? Also where did you buy your moss at?

  10. where do i find the plastazote foam rolls needed for the moss mats.

  11. Unfortunately, plastazote foam is virtually unheard of here in Michigan. I’ve called over 20 stores, visited even more, and have talked to many. No one has heard of it, nor carries it.
    If anyone can suggest an alternative method of making this, excluding preserved moss glued to a some tacky bin lid, it’d be greatly appreciated!

  12. love this idea. Can’t imagine how one could come up with it though.

  13. Does the base material absolutely need to be plastazote or is there anything that can be substituted?

  14. Just curious how the mat you made following these instructions is doing? It would be nice to see a photo of how it turned out.

  15. Maybe I’m dumb but I have a few questions about the moss mat
    1)will it attract bugs?
    2) wouldn’t me feet just get dirty after the shower?
    3) will my cat kill it?
    – reverse number 3 as well?
    Just curious…

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