Dog Gone Smart Mats

Dog Gone Smart Mat

Dog Gone Smart Mat

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As much as I hate the idea of having to crate a dog sometimes it is very necessary. If they must be crated we should at least keep them as comfortable as possible. One of my dogs has horrible separation anxiety when we leave the house so we must crate her to keep her from hurting herself and our house. We usually put blankets in the crate to keep her comfy but when she gets mad she always flips her water bowl. Then she has to sit in water until we get back. That always makes me feel bad for her. I wanted to find something to keep her comfortable but to keep her from being wet as well and I have definitely found the answer, The Dog Gone Smart Mat. The mat is made from organic cotton and bamboo fabric, dyed with vegetable dyes and helps repel water and bacteria. It looks super comfy too!!

Product Description:

The Dog Gone Smart Mat is 100% organic cotton/bamboo fabric using all natural vegetable dyes. The Smart Mat provides a soft feel and durability. Generously filled with all natural kapok from the cotton tree
Kapok is bitter and naturally repels bacteria, microbes and dust mites*
Bamboo keeps your pet warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
Wash on gentle cycle with a small amount of detergent. Then dry on low heat. Without altering the fabric texture and feel, nanotechnology is impregnated producing a surface that repels liquids, dirt and coat oil. The Dog Gone Smart Matalso reduces the spread of bacteria which can cause “doggie” odor and minimizes bacterial infections and allergies!!
As an important part of the rainforest eco-system, the cotton tree is never destroyed during the harvesting period.

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