Dorito Placemats?

Meet the new Ecoist Frito-Lay® Collection.

I have mentioned Ecoist before because after having one of their bags that I and everyone who sees it loves, I feel its necessary to mention them again! I love their stuff!!! I was browsing their site to see what new Ecoist design I NEEDED and right in there WHAT’S NEW section I saw placemats!! These placemats are the perfect addition to your home! They are made from recycled Doritos bags and are reversible!!! You can flip them over for a different color to match your dining theme!

The placemat is:
* reversible – each side is different
* water resistant
* easily cleans with a damp cloth
* handmade in Peru. Fair Trade

Check out the Ecoist today you won’t be disappointed!! They have bags, clutches, necklaces, cuffs, bracelets and now placemats and chip bowls!!!!! I cannot wait to get them!! Let me know if you do!

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