Eco-Friendly Pet Beds by Our Green House

Eco-Friendly Pet Bed by Our Green House

Eco-Friendly Pet Bed by Our Green House

Our Green House – natural & organic products for your pets.

I happen to have 2 not so small rescues that I love to death but all of us piled into 1 bed does not make for a comfy nights sleep. For quite some time we were letting our fur-babies sleep on a mattress on the floor that was the same size as our bed! I decided that had to stop. These pups need their own doggie beds instead of us having a useless old mattress that really should have been disposed of years ago. Pet beds can be really expensive especially when you have multiple pets and they are not small. Our Green Househas recycled pet beds for as low as $30.00! This is a great deal for eco-friendly pets!

Dogs or cats can rest easy on our stylish, ultra durable, machine washable, and earth friendly Eco Naps. These mats utilize our IntelliTex™ fabric, milled in the USA with 85% of the fabric comprised of post consumer recycled plastic, better known as the soda-pop bottles. Over 40 plastic bottles are diverted from landfills with every Extra Large Eco Nap! Even a Medium Eco Nap Diverts more than 21 bottles with each mat! So go ahead, give your pet a comfortable place to rest and do your part to protect planet Earth. No compromises. Machine Washable. Made in Montana, USA.

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