Eco-Friendly Seed Starting Kit

Burpee Eco Friendly 25 Cell Greenhouse Kit

Burpee Eco Friendly 25 Cell Greenhouse Kit

Eco Friendly 25 Cell Greenhouse Kit

Our attempt last year to have our garden flourish was quite pathetic. We started way too late in the year and as a result didn’t yield anything but alot of hard work and many dead seedlings. This year we were quite proactive and started planting our organic seeds. We searched high and low for the greenest seed starting kit we could find that was reasonably priced and as usual Burpee fit our needs. We purchase most of our organic gardening supplies from Burpee as it is.  The Eco Friendly 25 Cell Greenhouse Kit
comes with compostable bamboo trays, super cool growing pellets that eliminate the mess of using soil, organic fertilizer and wooden plant labels. Our plants have already started growing. Our tomatoes were the first to come up and are already about an inch high! I cannot wait for all of our plants to sprout. I will keep you updated on how our garden is doing, I cannot wait to have our veggies grow!

Product Description:

Welcome to the world of green gardening. Our Eco Friendly 25 Cell Greenhouse Kit has natural attributes that make this product unique. Kit includes: Fiber Planting Cells- Compostable, Bamboo Watering Tray- 6 month Compostable, 25- Sustainable Burpee Super Growing Pellets, Biodegradable germination sheet, 6 Wooden Plant Labels, 1 oz. package of Espoma organic fertilizer. An easy and ecofriendly way to start seeds indoors. Just add seeds, light and water!

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