Element EcoWear’s Design your own Tee!

Element EcoWear

How much fun is this? You can design your own environmentally friendly T-shirt! I have posted items from Element EcoWear before but I cannot believe that I never noticed the design your own Tee section! Men and women can choose the type of shirt, color and design you like. There are soo many different patterns you are bound to find a couple you must have!

Product Description:

Support the planet with a customized graphic t-shirt! All of  Element EcoWear’s Essentials are fair trade, organic tees for men & women that can be hand-printed with Element’s modern, retro, & vintage graphics; you can choose the shirt & graphic combination. Each finely detailed, durable print adds just $10 to the price of Element’s eco-tees.  To order a graphic tee–choose a design, select “Add to Cart”, and then specify your shirt style, size & color.

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