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Simple Women's Flippee Polka Flip Flops in Black : Simple Women's Flip Flops

Simple Women’s Flippee Polka Flip Flops in Black : Simple Women’s Flip Flops

As I sit and dream of spring the thought of wearing flip flips all spring and summer long makes me happy. I know everyone buys the $5.00 Old Navy flips but here is a much better vegan-friendly alternative. The Flippee by Simple Shoes!  The Flippee is made with recycled materials and has no animal products or byproducts in it. The coolest thing about The Flippee is after the warm season, if you are done with it, it biodegrades. The Flippees come in a biodegradable bag with a biodegradable hanger. The sole of The Flippee is also biodegradable! This is some serious Eco-Fashion right here and just in time for the fabulous warm weather! Don’t be left out they come in men’s and women’s styles. Check them out ASAP!

Product Description:
•Women’s The Flippee Polka sandal with recycled PET polka dot webbing straps
•Vegan shoe! No animal products or even animal byproducts
•The foot form inserts are made of post consumer recycled paper
•Water based glue is used to hold the shoe together, not petroleum based. Just another way to reduce our dependence on petroleum, and it also means no nasty smelling glue for the people who put your shoes together
•The sole of the shoe is biodegradable! The midsole is made of EVA with Eco-Pure and the outsole is made of 30% recycled rubber and 70% natural rubber with Eco-Pure added
•The Eco-Pure additive makes the EVA and rubber biodegrade in 20 years in a landfill or compost heap

If you don’t know about Simple Shoes or have never heard about the brand here is a piece of their about us section:

With all the over-built, over-hyped products out there, it’s pretty hard to find sustainable shoes that you can live with. So we started Simple, your stereotypical, anti-stereotype brand offering good shoes and a big dose of reality. About a gazillion pairs later… give or take a few… we’ve managed to learn a few things. Well, actually a lot of things. And none more important than this: HOW we make our shoes is just as important as WHY we make them. That means finding more sustainable ways of doing business so we can make a gazillion more.Which pretty much is where we are today… at the crossroads of here and now, aware of our responsibility to the planet while trying to pay the bills. The nice little shoe company getting in touch with its inner hippie.

Women Eco-Friendly Sandals Available Now at Simple

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