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I know many of you have probably noticed my focusing on helping rescue animals lately. I have recently started working with some people who really focus on trying to keep innocent animals from getting euthanized due to lack of space in shelters and at ACC’s (Animal Care & Control). This is an issue that has always been close to my heart as both of my pooches are rescues one from NYCACC. It is no question to me that these animals need saving. It breaks my heart when I see things like Gone But Not Forgotten folders with images of hundreds of dogs that have been put to sleep for no reason other than there is no where else to put them.
The holiday’s are coming up and I ask that maybe you can find it in your heart to help those that cannot help themselves. Even if you cannot adopt a pet you can foster and help find them a good home! This is the season of giving sooo instead of spending money on presents spend your time and love on a pet that would other wise probably be put to sleep. Even if you have other pets or are apprehensive you can find a pet best suited to you.
If you can or want to adopt think of all of the benefits adoption has. You don’t spend thousands of dollars on a 3lb pooch that was bred with its own parents who will probably only last a few years because of the medical issues inbreeding causes in animals. If you rescue you give a pet a chance to have a safe and loving home which all animals deserve. You will feel better about yourself and your decision everyday you look in to your rescues eyes. I promise you they appreciate it and will love you just as much for keeping them safe.
I thank my pooches everyday for finding me and saving me because without them and the experiences they having given me I would definitely be without. I urge all of you who read my blog or who just plain love animals to seriously consider fostering or adopting this season. You won’t regret it!
If you are interested and are in the NY area click here and bring home your new best friend today!! If you aren’t in the area you can google your local ACC and find out their requirements.
If you have rescued your pet please tell us your story and we will post it on our blog so everyone gets a chance to feel the love!!

Get started with the Animal rescue today!

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