Fun 4th Craft

The 4th of July is almost here! Get ready for backyard BBQ’s and block parties galore! Don’t be left out of the fun. Fireworks are not good for the environment so make your own fun with everyday items you have around your house.

Fun 4th Craft

Craft knife
Thick rubber band
Paper clips
Sticker stars
Bendy straw
Stickers/Glow in the Dark Stickers
Odds and ends from around the house

1. Use a craft knife to cut a small X in the center of a plastic coffee lid.
2. Push one end of a rubber band up through the opening and stretch it around the center of a paper clip to keep it from pulling back through. Decorate the lid as patriotically as you want.
3. Cut the straw one 4-inch straight length and one 4 1/2-inch length with the bendable portion near the center. Shape a second paper clip into a small hook. Then slide it into the straight straw part & use it to pull the other end of the rubber band through.
4. Insert one end of the bendy straw through the protruding loop of the rubber band for a handle.
5. Then start to play!

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