Gaia Yoga Mat

Gaia Yoga Mat

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When I was younger and hear about yoga I always knew it would be my kind of workout. My mother was always interested in new age music, books and ideas. Being at peace with ones self and meditating was something she and I both tried to attain. To me that is a lot of what yoga is about. I hope one day to finally be good at it. With all my different attempts at yoga I’ve actually never had a proper mat until recently. Now that I have one I never want another. I have the Gaia Yoga Mat and I love it! Here are the product highlights:

The Gaia Yoga Mat is made from an innovative, environmentally friendly foam – both in composition and in manufacturing. Each mat is free of PVC and phthalates, and no ozone-depleting CFCs are released during the manufacturing process. This newly developed rubber is highly resistant to sweaty hands and feet, making it ideal for hot yoga. It’s also very easy to clean and won’t break down when wet. Incredibly soft and flexible, the Gaia Yoga Mat has tremendous shock absorption making it ideal for Ashtanga jump backs and jump throughs. With its extra cushion and great non-slip surface, this new eco-conscious mat is great for all types of fitness activities, particularly yoga. 72” x 24” x 1/4”

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