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Going to Green

Going to Green

Going to Green

Going to Green

I know that I wish in my high school I was taught about being environmentally conscious. I think the skills I have learned now in my quest to be greener are ideas and beliefs that definitely would have resonated with me as a teenager or even younger. We always talk about starting our children’s green education as soon as possible. I knew there had to be a book out there that would serve this purpose. Going to Green: A Standards-Based Environmental Education Curriculum for Schools, Colleges, and Communities is exactly what I was looking for. This book meets the standards for being taught to 9-12 grade students and even incorporates other subjects such as literature, math and art.

Product Description:
Based on the PBS Series Edens Lost & Found, this unique learning resource combines an integrated, detailed academic curriculum with service-based learning activities to educate, inspire, and empower citizen learners to build greener and healthier communities. 
Going to Green has been tested in high schools, university extension classes, community colleges, and community organizations. Going to Green is a teacher-friendly curriculum that is rated highly as a successful program for knowledge acquisition across disciplines. It meets NSTA and NCSS national standards for grades 9-12, and includes a wide variety of cross-curricular activities.
Individual productions by filmmakers Harry Wiland and Dale Bell have received an Academy Award, five Emmys, one Peabody, two Christophers, and two Cine Golden Eagles, among other awards. Their collaborative award-winning project on caregiving, “And Thou Shalt Honor,” was broadcast by PBS in 2002 to wide acclaim. They are both Ashoka Lifetime Fellows and Purpose Prize Fellows.

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