Gravely Scary Veggie Party Platter

Gravely Scary Veggie Party Platter

Gravely Scary Veggie Party Platter





1/2 cup fresh organic spinach (you could use artichokes or any other green veggie you want to mix with the hummus)
10 ounces organic plain hummus
Organic Broccoli
Organic Celery
Organic Kale (or Kale Chips)
Organic Pretzels
Hard-boiled organic eggs
Fresh Mozzarella Balls
Organic Crackers (any type you prefer)
Organic large black olives
Organic carrot sticks
Edible Black Marker


1.In a food processor, puree the spinach and hummus together. You can use plain hummus to keep the dip the normal sandy color hummus usually is or get crazy and add a fun colored vegetable to make your grave yard floor.

2.To make the ghosts you can use either hard boiled eggs or mozzarella balls, cut the black olives up into the desired features for your ghosts and then simply place on to your egg or mozzarella ghost.

3. Use an edible marker to turn crackers into tombstones. If you have cake decorating tools and have a fine icing tip you can use a vegetable puree to write on the tombstones. It is easiest to write on the tombstones first before placing them into the dip.

4. Once you have all of the components made and ready put your hummus into your desired display dish. Leave the dip uneven like real ground would be. Stick in your broccoli, celery and/or kale trees and bushes in first. Then carefully place the tombstones lastly ghosts. Get creative and add other things like maybe edible bats made out of cut out pieces of pumpernickel bread. Get as spooky as you can!

5. Once everything is in place use the pretzels as your fence to outline your graveyard. You can use pretzel flats or good old twisty pretzels! All of it make for a gravely delish snack that will wow party attendees!!

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