Green Gift Ideas Under $10



Scotch Pine (Pinus sylvestris ‘Guadarrama’) A delightful way to celebrate the holidays with a yule tree ornament that is an attractive gift that will bloom in the garden.




 Neodymium magnets are the most powerful, permanent magnets in the world. Unlike other magnets that slide, these carry the weight of the stone while holding several thick pages securely. The magnet is permanently bounded and will last   forever!  Each one is unique and sizes are various!



Made from rolled Japanese Newspaper. Graphite Core.
Set of 12
Size: 7″ x 1.5″






Bring those groceries home in style with an Envirosax Eco-Friendly Bag. Founded in 2004, Envirosax® originates from Currumbin Valley in South East Queensland, Australia. The Envirosax team uses renewable and recyclable products where possible, and is committed to operating on ecologically sustainable principles. Situated on 10 acres of pristine Australian rain forest, the Envirosax team’s abode is totally ecologically sustainable with solar hot water and photovoltaic cells for electricity. A sewage system recycles waste water, watering the extensive – gardens and filtered rainwater tanks provide the premises with water.

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