Green Graffiti?

Moss Paint

Funny enough I found the green graffiti idea due to a tweet made by Andy Dick of all people. I saw the title Moss Graffiti  and I had to see what green graffiti was all about.
All you need is: a handful of moss, water, water-retention gardening gel, & buttermilk and you are on your way to making your own live graffiti that is probably better for the environment and better than painting on other peoples property. I am thinking green graffiti probably isn’t even illegal but don’t quote me on that.
I am not sure how green this really is but I do think this is a good idea to do at home as a project. Its an interesting activity to say the least.
I think creativity wise you could do fun things with green graffiti and maybe even figure out ways to make the moss different colors and possibly even include other plants in the mixture to see if they would grow as well. Spring is coming and there are plenty of things to plant but green graffiti would change up your garden up a bit. Try it as a science project for school or as an at home project with some friends! I know I am going to try some green graffiti at my home this spring! If you do send us pictures and we will post them on The Beagle!
As always creating more vegetation in our world is a plus so green graffiti earns points for that but I don’t suggest trying this on property that isn’t yours unless given permission. Green graffiti can be used to cover up difficult to remove paint graffiti which might be a more cost effective way to deal with unwanted graffiti and a good lesson for graffiti artists because painting over moss might be difficult. This might deter people from using spray paint which isn’t a bad thing either so maybe green graffiti is greener than I thought!
Click here to learn how to make your own green graffiti!

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