Happy Hallow-green!!

Happy Hallow-green!

Happy Hallow-green!

Halloween is almost here!! This is my absolute favorite holiday! I love decorating the house, getting dressed up, making spooky foods, the haunted houses and scary movies! I decorated on October 2nd I was so excited. While shopping for new decoration, food and costume ideas I thought of some really cool greener ideas for this Halloween.

Here are some tips to make your Halloween greener:

Arrange a community costume swap. Visit www.greenhalloween.org to find out more.

Make your own costumes with items you have around the house. Some times you don’t realize what great items you have that would be a perfect addition to your or your pets costume.

Make your own decorations! There are plenty of do-it-yourself websites that give you all the instructions you need to make your home and yard completely terrifying! You can use broken items from around the house, old sheets and blankets, old cotton from worn out toys, even items from your very own front yard.

Halloween is one of the best holidays to get creative! There are excellent Halloween recipes I have found for some super spooky!! I will be posting some great ideas all month!

If you are hosting a party you can make your own invites or use a green company Shop AmyAdele.com today! or Good Greetings LLC.

Halloween parties are super fun! Remember although doing dishes can be annoying for some buying disposables is even more annoying. Purchase cloth table cloths and reusable. If you use the right colors and items they can be good for Thanksgiving and maybe even other holidays as well as year after year. Midnight Lace Fabric Tablecloth, Halloween Wicked Witch Martini Glass,Halloween Pumpkin Platter .

Candy collection is one of the most exciting parts of Halloween for children! I know the same old plastic pumpkins are cute and reusable but why not make your own out of bags you have from home and make and activity out of it or another alternative is Eco Friendly Cloth Loot Bag.

Candy giving is as mentioned above the best part of Halloween for children. Why not make an impression on your neighborhood and give out organic candy or healthier treats. You don’t have to give out candy either! You can give out small games or trinkets sold at all grocery stores or dollar stores. YummyEarth Organic Lollipops, GoNaturally Organic Honey Gluten Free Hard Candies,Gummy Worms, Organic, 5 oz ( Multi-Pack).

Stay local! Visit local farms to pick your pumpkins, corn, apples and hay. This is an easy way to support your local commerce right before the winter comes. Local farmers especially these days need all the support they can get. Halloween offers so many local options it only makes sense to use them! Usually local farms have hay rides, haunted corn mazes and other activities that will keep your family entertained and they farms in business.

After all of your frightening fun is over remember COMPOST, COMPOST, COMPOST! When your pumpkins and gourds get all squishy and moldy put them to good use! Don’t just throw them out make good use out of them and make it full circle!

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