Havana Shirt for Havana Nights

Summer is upon us and Memorial Day Weekend is almost here. The hot weather and hot parties are about to begin. Why not be cool in Indigenous Designs Havana Shirt. Made from 100% foot loomed organic cotton by artisans in Guatemala. Authentic Guatemalan quality texture and feel.
•100% organic cotton
•made in Guatemala
•fair trade
•machine wash and dry

I constantly am saying how important it is to know where your clothes are coming from. Understand the processes it takes for your purchases to be made. When you know more you understand the intricacies of production and how it relates to our environment. Some people may not care but you should not be one of them. It takes a strong person to say I will not be one of the billions that are uninformed. Purchasing Fair Trade products is an important aspect of helping our environment. Just by wearing the clothes you are spreading the word that harmful chemicals and unethical practices are not something you will stand for!

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