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Hiya Bamboo Bookshelf

Hiya Bamboo Bookshelf

Hiya Bamboo Bookshelf

Hiya Bamboo Bookshelf

I always stress the importance of American Made products! Furniture is no exception. I know it may be difficult to find but possibly you aren’t looking in the right places. Oompa.com has Room Decor & Furniture all made in the USA! I will admit some of the items are pricey but combined with their green outlook on products I think it is worth it to spend a little extra to have environmentally safe products in your home.
We know bamboo is one of the most sustainable and environmentally sound building materials the Earth has so it is important to purchase big items such as furniture that is made from bamboo. If more people purchased furniture made from sustainable materials such as bamboo it would drive the prices down and possibly force larger companies to begin to use bamboo in their products as well.
Although sustainability is extremely important around the world even more locally I feel that purchasing American made products is just as much of our responsibility. Not enough products are made here in the USA and if we want to fix our economy we should support our workers and their products. This can only benefit all of us if we stick to our guns. You have heard about purchasing locally or being a locavore so why not when possible be a “locavore” for our country! The more we purchase products displaying MADE IN THE USA the more items can be made in the USA. It only makes sense!

Product Description:

Fun, hip, yet simple in appearance, this sleek bookshelf is wonderful for both display and storage. Suited for kids and adults alike, the shelf is made to accommodate both closed and open storage needs, all in one unit! Painted with an eco-friendly non-toxic powder coated paint. Includes safety strap that is mounted to wall, for extra stability. The Bookshelf is available in polar white, with accenting drawers in either polar white, birch or bamboo. Ships fully assembled.
Manufactured and produced in southwest Michigan by talented American craftsmen.

L 14.5 x W 28.75 x H 32.75 in.

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