Holiday Office Gifts

During the holiday seasons there are a few different holiday’s people celebrate and at work you might need to do a Secret Santa of sorts so here are some inexpensive gifts to give to your co-workers or even friends!

Agate Ornaments
Agate Ornaments
are beautiful and perfect to decorate anyone’s home! They don’t have to be hung on a tree or even hung at all! These shimmering ornaments catch and hold the light as if illuminated from within.

Tea Forte’sMixology Set is a beautiful and inexpensive gift anyone who loves to host events or someone who likes to be the bartender! Become a master mixologist at home and create naturally infused exotic cocktails. It’s fresh, it’s fun, it’s creative and entertaining!

Juice Beauty Organics to Travel Kit is another inexpensive gift that anyone could appreciate! This all organic travel set comes with all of the essentials anyone would need to just throw in their bag and be off!

Sushi Natural Beeswax Candles boxed set of 6These super cute beeswax candles are a great little gift for a guy or girl, especially if they are fans of sushi!

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