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The Solar Sphere Grid Tie Starter Kit

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$999.97 (excluding tax)
$95.00 (Fixed shipping cost)
The Solar Sphere Grid Tie Starter Kit:

* The Basic Kit Please!
* Enphase Energy Management Unit

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Product Description:

 A small kit with everything you need to get started in solar power, at a fraction of the cost of the systems many other systems. Now solar is within is possible for everyone. The custom built solar power kits are perfect the Do It Yourself homeowner wanting to live green and not break the bank.

Our systems are designed to tie directly into your existing grid tied home power. The Grid Tie Starter Kit, sold exclusively at Solar Sphere, includes the following:

* Yingli 230W solar panel – the best quality solar panel for this price on the market!
* Enphase Micro-inverter – the latest technology in inverters can be yours.
* Enphase Wiring Kit – easy to install, easy to expand later.
* Ironridge mounting kit with rail, 4″ standoffs, flash mounting, ground lugs and clamps for asphalt shingle roof.

Most homeowners will need to add a breaker and some romex wiring. Because this is a grid-tie system, YOU STILL MUST CONTACT YOUR LOCAL UTILITY AND GET PERMISSIONS AND SPECIFICATIONS FOR THE TYING A SOLAR POWER SYSTEM TO THEIR GRID. We also suggest you have a licensed electrician help you with the final configuration.

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* Enphase Energy Management Unit w/ 90 days Enlighten Online Monitoring Service – monitor your energy production from any computer!

Most people who are experienced with home improvements and have basic tools can install these systems. Please remember that roof work and electricity can be very dangerous and take all necessary precautions.


Are there incentives and rebates for these systems?

Absolutely. The Federal Tax Credit of 30% applies to solar power systems of any size. State and local incentives usually apply to these systems, but we suggest you contact your local utility for more information. Click here for the DSIREUSA website for more information on incentives in your area.

Does this kit come with everything I need?

You’ll generally need to add a breaker that matches your existing system (any master electrician can help with this), and some standard romex wiring with an MEC connector that will go from the breaker to the inverter.

Where does the inverter mount?

The inverter mounts with the panel on the roof.

How much will this system produce?

This system will produce 230W for every hour of full sunlight.

What will I need to add or expand the system?

When you are ready to expand your system, you simply get another complete kit. Each panel requires its own inverter and racking, so you just add on another 1, 2, or 3 panel kit. If you install a 15A breaker or higher, you can add at least 7 or 8 panels before you need to add another breaker.

What is the maximum number of panels and inverters I can have?

The Enphase Envoy unit can handle up to 80 panels and inverters, so the only real limit is the amount of space you have.

How much space does each panel take?

The panel is approximately 40-inches by 66-inches and the inverter installs directly underneath the panel. You will want to have a few inches round the outside of the panel to work on the mounting and wiring.
Can I check my energy production from my phone?

Any phone that can log into your Envoy webpage will be able to show your energy production!

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