Interesting Uses For Dryer Sheets

Interesting Uses for Dryer Sheets

Interesting Uses for Dryer Sheets



If you still use dryer sheets at home here are some interesting uses I read about that will give you more bang for you dryer sheet buck!
Now I will also preface this list by saying that if you do still use them read this list very carefully and think about if the dryer sheet can do the things below maybe you should rethink if they are really necessary to your laundry regime…just sayin.

1. Dish Scrubber – If you have a pesky burnt or baked on something stuck to your dishes and you have no Brillo or anything to scrub it off with, put the dryer sheet on the dirty dish with some soap and warm water over night and apparently the gook will be gone. What is in those suckers?

2. Gnat Repeller – Apparently Kansas State had the funds and interest to find out what repels insects besides repellent and dryer sheets were a winner. Apparently the chemicals used in dryer sheets prevent gnat larvae from surviving. Are you sure you want to continue using those things.

3. Pet Hair Remover – Forget the convenient rollers! Dryer sheets do the work for you. Not only do they do it in the dryer but if you simply rub them on to your dry clothes while you are wearing them they fulfil the same purpose. Good to know!

4.Hard Water Stain Remover – Hullo! Do you have a water stain a sponge and cleaner can’t remove! Then just whip out your handy dandy dryer sheet and it will buff that right out for you! Good to know…or is it?

5. Instant Sachets – I will admit that a few times in the past when we were still using dryer sheets and a sheet got stuck in a pocket or something it def does freshen up your drawer but apparently it works even better when you put an unused one in there too! You can stop using those silly potpourri stuffed bags and just use them from the laundry basket!

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