Is your Dad a Camper?

Is your father the outdoorsy kind? Is camping a big part of your family time or his kind of relaxation? This environmentally friendly set is great for the camper dad or grandad you know. It is compact and easy to carry, instead of lugging around a bunch of different products. Even if your father or grandfather isn’t green this is a great way to teach them to be. Once they see how great these products are they will be more willing to try other products and maybe even take some advice from you for a change!

Product Features:

*1oz All Good Goop Healing Balm
*1oz Organic Mineral Sunscreen Sunscreen in SPF 20 Sport
*2 oz Herbal Cool Sore Muscle Spray
*Organic Original All Good Lips SPF 15 lip balm
*Organic cotton gift bag with logo
*Organic and botanical ingredients
*100 % natural essential oils
*Herbal-based and chemical free
*Fair Trade ingredients
*Perfect for sensitive skin
*Co-op America Approved

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