It’s never too late to start your spring cleaning!

Even though the end of July is near that doesn’t mean it is too late to do some spring cleaning! You can clean out much more than your closets to feel completely renewed and refreshed. Even though you have gotten rid of last years flip flops and some frayed towels try cleaning out your mental closet to get ready for a new greener healthier life.
Here are some quick tips to make your summer and self have greener:

1. The Summer is the perfect time to eat lighter and healthier! It’s too hot to cook heavy meals in the kitchen. You want to cook outside and keep yourself cool. Try sticking to local & organic fruits and vegetables if you can. When or if cooking meats find lean, organic meats for summer grilling. Try new things with your healthy diet to keep you interested and learning how to stay healthy. You can carry your summer healthy habits over into fall and winter with the more you know. Melissa’s Everyday Cooking with Organic Produce: A Guide to Easy-to-Make Dishes with Fresh Organic Fruits and Vegetables

2. Be Inspired! The warmer months inspire everyone to want to get into better shape. Take advantage of the warm weather by eating outside, going on walks, riding bikes, or going to the beach.   Enlist a friend for support. It is sometimes easier to stay motivated when you have some one to share your “thin-spirations” with. Start a routine by yourself and with a partner use the DVDs  and equipment that sit back of the closet collecting dust. The days are longer and the nights are perfect for evening swims or after dinner walks. Try 10 FREE at-home, online yoga classes. Yoga expert Rodney Yee guides your one-on-one practice through videos and podcasts!

3. Get involved! Again with this wonderful weather you are afforded the advantage of outside events. Children are off from school have a yard sale or bake sale. Get the block involved and have a summer block party for everyone to enjoy. Talk to local charities about helping with fundraising or volunteering. Talk neighbors and families about going on group day trips together. How about home wind turbines?

4. Clean out the crap! Go through your kitchen cabinets, pantry, refrigerator , freezer and donate or throw away anything that will not help keep you on your summer healthy track. Change curtains, wash rugs, open windows or grow some in door plants. Than clean your house from top to bottom. While doing this get rid of/donate anything you don’t need or haven’t used in the past 8 months or so.  If you cannot find a way to reuse any of these items there is no reason to hold on to them. Go to your locak Goodwill or drop box and donate!

5. Help your environment! Get your family to grow an organic garden to help you save money and eat healthier. Talk to your family about composting and collecting rain water. Learn about your environment by hiking, visiting parks, beaches or go camping. Use the time to observe your local environment, this way you can understand what it takes to keep your environment greener. Take the time to visit local farms, you can get excellent tips and ideas for your garden at home. Try to maximize your effort by keeping track of your carbon footprint.

6. Stay positive! Making any changes in life can sometimes be difficult. But holding on to what isn’t working for us won’t help either. Set goals for yourself in short and long time-frames, you don’t have change everything all at once but you want to stay motivated in the right direction. Make your own goal related affirmations to remind you of what you have done, where you are and want to be. Keep a journal of the entire process. Being negative doesn’t help you feel better ever, don’t waste your time with it. 160-Page Recycled Paper and Sugarcane Journal

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