Juice Wall Clock

Bean Products Recycled
Bean Products Recycled “Juice” Wall Clock for Kitchen or Office

From: The Ultimate Green Store

More and more super cute recycled home accessories are becoming available!! The Recycled “Juice” Wall Clock is only $39.95 and it made from reclaimed and recycled detergent bottles. There are plenty of items one can use to decorate their home or office but when we can find respectable alternatives I think we should use them. By purchasing recycled home decor you are supporting a business that believes in the 3R’s and helping our environment as well as reflecting your ideas about innovation and the environment. The Recycled “Juice” Wall Clock can say all of that just by hanging on your wall.

Product Description:
The Recycled “Juice” Wall Clock
is loose! Created from reclaimed and recycled HDPE (100% recycled detergent bottles) this clock will look great on the wall of your kitchen or office. Available in Orange, Lemon or Grapefruit and bursting with good taste, the future of earth friendly products is finally here! The compact quartz clock mechanism comes with snap-on hands, and battery included.
Dimensions: 9″ x 9″ x 2″D
Lead Time: 1 week

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