Kids Organic Cooking Classes for Fall

Organic Cooking Classes

Organic Cooking Classes


I know that this particular class is in Texas but I think the idea is exceptional. I always say it is important to start you children out young when learning about the environment and their health. Why not enroll them in Organic Cooking Classes. If you have the time you can even be their teacher. I know this may not be something all children are interested in but if you do it correctly you can keep them having fun and learning all at once. Do you have classes like this in your area? If not go to local schools or community centers to see if anyone would be interested in starting a program like this. This is an excellent after school activity or even a weekend thing for children.



Time: Wednesday, August 24 · 3:30pm – 5:30pm

Location: League City, Tx

Created: By Natural Living

More Info: Kids Organic Cooking class 2011-2012

This class is for Children ages 6-18.
This class will meet each week for 2 hours on Wednesdays 3:30pm-5:30pm at my house in League City.
This will be a 32 week course starting Aug. 24 to Dec 14 and Jan 11- May 09

Here are the details of the class:Learn Organic culinary Alton Brown style! This class will combine the science of food with the importance of organic nutrition in a fun and exciting way. It will cover specific Organic nutrition on veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds; manners; simple 1 dish meal prep to full complete nutrition meal prep. Students will learn Meat handling and food prep safety; the art of soups, stock making and rues; how to use mother natures sweeteners; Meal planning; kitchen equipment usage and more! Each student will take home a complete notebook with handouts and all recipes at the end of the class.
All ingredients will be organic, natural or local and gluten free (my kitchen is gluten free).

The inclusive Cost of the class:
$259 per semester OR
$79 a month (8 payments)

Class is limited to 9 spaces (due to limited kitchen space)
**Note about the teacher- I have my raw food certification, nutritional counseling certification, nutritional life coach certification and TX food handlers certification. I have also been a personal organic chef as well as sold organic culinary foods at local farmers markets.

contact me for more information and registration​m

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