Kids Organic Cooking & Eco Camps

Kids Organic Cooking & Eco Camps

Kids Organic Cooking & Eco Camps


What a great activity for your children with your children!   They can learn and have fun at the same time.  These can be amazing experiences that your children will carry with them throughout their childhood and into adulthood.  Organic Cooking and Eco-camps can be essential to the education of the youth in the green movement. I wish more states had organic cooking and eco-camp programs available.

Date and Time: June 11 at 10:00am until July 26 at 4:00pm
Kids Summer Organic Cooking and Sustainability Camps

The Art of Food Cooking Camp June 11-14 Mon-Thurs 10am-2pm (ages 9-16)
The Spice of Life Cooking Camp July 9-12 Mon-Thurs 10am-2pm (ages 9-16)
Organic Fruitopia Cooking Camp July 23-26 Mon-Thurs 10am-2pm(ages 5-9)

These 16 hour camps are tasty hands-on classes of learning all about specific foods… organically ! We will dive into the fun food sculpting as well as seasoning experimenting and learn how to cook healthy,organic dishes while we do it. We will look at the traditional cooking as well as the non-traditional dishes. All campers will learn basic cooking skills, kitchen safety and food handling practices. Campers will taste test each dish and take home a full notebook of recipes. All equipment, aprons and food is supplied.
*Note* All recipes will be Gluten free as my kitchen is completely gluten free.

The Art of Trash Sustainability Camp June 11-14 Mon-Thurs 2pm-4pm(ages 9-16)
Water Wonders Sustainability Camp July 9-12 Mon-Thurs 2pm-4pm(ages 9-16)
The Art of Trash Sustainability Camp July 23-26 Mon-Thurs 2am-4pm(ages 5-9)

These 8 hr camps will focus on caring for our planet. In “The Art of Trash” Kids will learn about recycling and the trash we create while making fun art large and small. In “Water Wonders” kids will experiment with water while learning about water pollution and the solutions. Both camps help bring awareness of our planets problems while creating a fun way to learn about them.

Inclusive Cost Of Camps:
$175 per student for 10am-2pm cooking camp alone
$69 per student for sustainability camp alone 2pm-4pm
$229 per student for 10am-4pm cooking AND sustainability camp
$259 per student for 8am-6pm extended child care hours with both camps

For more information please contact:
Natural Living 281-678-7948

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