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Lotus Teen Batik Skirt

Lotus Teen Batik Skirt

Lotus Teen Batik Skirt

Lotus Teen Batik Skirt


I am swooning over the patterns of this skirt! Very much my style. Lotus Jayne never disappoints! The Batik Skirt can be worn almost all year round with either leggings or tights! It’s great!  The skirt is Fair Trade made and sewn in a workshop run by women! Another plus that can’t be ignored is it is only $20!! You can be styling and conscious at the same time.  Supporting women’s businesses globally is so important.  We need to keep this type of Fair Trade practice thriving. Companies like Lotus Jayne are extremely important to our green economy. Every purchase we make isn’t only an economic decision but a social one as well which most people refuse to think about. I understand the importance of looking good but it is of greater importance to support businesses that support our global good like Lotus Jayne.


Product Description: The Batik Skirt is Jayne’s original design, sewn in medium-weight cotton, a fabric with lots of body that won’t go limp after one washing. The cloth was made in small Indonesian Batik workshops and is authentic.

This skirt is free-sized with an elastic waistband which can be worn on waist or hips and can accommodate many body types, so please check measurements before ordering.

All fair trade, sewn in a workshop run by women with HIV/AIDS
Elastic 1 3/4″ wide waistband fits 21 to 30 inch waist
Skirt is 17 3/4 inches long from top of waistband
Bottom of skirt measures 40″ around
100% cotton. Wash in cold water, dry on medium to light cycle
fair trade

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