I am tired of all of the deals that everyone else gets with websites like Send The Trend, Beyond The Rack, Style Mint and the list goes on and on. When are the eco-conscious designers going to break out and give us a much less crunchy look! Our chance has finally arrived! LovingEco offers daily private sales that help you make smart and fashionable choices. We all know the greenest choice is not to purchase at all but if you have to why let our environment suffer in the process.
What I really like about LovingEco’s site isnt the sales at all but their team. You get to see their pictures and get a sense of who they are besides just forcing eco-fashionable sales on you. Not that that is what they do but many eco-businesses can write an excellent mission statement and provide you with that you want to hear to increase their sales but the LovingEco team gets personal. You can feel if you are unsatisfied you know exactly who you can hold accountable and that takes courage! Did I also mention that proceeds go to charity when you purchase their Style for a Change tank.  100% of the proceeds go to one of 6 charities they have listed but you get to choose which one you want to donate to.  That is a change I can definitely get behind.

LovingEco’s Mission:Our mission is to create a healthier planet. We are passionate about inspiring change, giving back, having fun and making eco stylish. LovingEco helps give people the opportunity to make better choices about the products they purchase so that we together can create a more environmentally and socially conscious planet. By choosing to shop here you will create conscious positive choices from organic, recycled, eco-friendly and ethically produced items. And with each purchase a portion of sales goes back to charitable causes. Now start shopping differently…small changes can make a big difference.

Have you ever tried LovingEco? If so what was your experience? I admit I haven’t purchased from them yet but I do plan on doing so! Keep in mind the holiday’s are coming and this is a great idea to get good deals on some great eco-conscious items.


  1. I love LovingEco!!! I am so happy you wrote about them. a few weeks ago I bought a Cityzen Green top and it has quickly taken top position in my closet 🙂 I also bought earrings from Sword and Fern this week and cannot wait until they arrive!

  2. The Green Beagle says

    I am soo glad you like them! I have yet to purchase because I am afraid if I do I won’t be able to stop but I guess that isn’t soo bad right?

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