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Magnolia Organics

Magnolia Organics

There are many things to say about Magnolia Organics but what I admire the most is their initiative. I am constantly asking green businesses to let me review their products or services to that I can highlight genuinely green items. Usually, I have to do all of the contacting. Magnolia Organics came to me to ask if I could review their products which I appreciate immensely. Magnolia’s initiative shows me how dedicated and serious they are about their products and our environment.

About to Magnolia Organics:

Magnolia Organics brings together eco-friendly products with an ethical and environmental conscious to unparalleled quality and design. With an unwavering commitment to fair labor, sustainable materials, minimalist packaging, and a close eye on the carbon footprint on each product, your purchase will bring joy to your home, and a sigh of relief from the planet. We invite you to browse around to understand more about who we are. After all, an educated consumer is our greatest ally in the march towards a more sustainable future.

Magnolia’s Mission:

To produce clean and sustainable home products with a focus on quality and design.
Sustainability: To use the most up-to-date eco-friendly practices from the seed to shipping with extensive 3rd party certification as a focal point.
Fair Labor: Only sound working conditions and fair wages to be allowed in each production process. Not only is it what our customers and stakeholders demand, but it helps maintain loyalty and top notch workmanship within our manufacturing family.
Research and Design: To relentlessly research cleaner production processes and maintain close attention to customers evolving demands to channel the development of new and exciting products.
To Create Value: Magnolia home products are affordable by efficient production; by design and economy of scale in conjunction with eliminating marketing and traditional retail expenses.
With great products, efficient production, eco-friendly practices, fair treatment of employees, and vast adoption of our products, we hope to have a significant impact on the health of our people and our environment on a global basis.

Product Review:

All of that being said now let’s get down to business! Not only was Magnolia nice enough to seek me out I was able to try a set of their organic cotton sheets which were marvelous! It is the summer and with the heat wave that New York has been having Magnolia’s organic cotton sheets worked wonders for keeping me cool and comfy. I compared the Magnolia sheets to some of my regular cotton sheets and you can feel the difference in softness. I did some pulling and stretching of  both sheets (attempting to be mildly scientific), I noticed the obvious difference in strength (the regular cotton sheet isn’t brand new like the organic cotton sheet to I did take that into consideration) but I really couldn’t get over how fabulous the sheets felt and made me feel! I almost feel like I have been sleeping better not so much because the sheets are obviously better but because I feel now I have a delightfully pleasant relationship with Magnolia.  Maybe that sounds silly but I can sleep more peacefully knowing my sheets, myself and Magnolia have all done one more thing to help protect our environment and our resources. Don’t forget to check out Magnolia Organic’s blog either!!!

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