Make your Own Magic 8 Ball




Packing Peanut (if you have them lying around the house like I do) or a craft Styrofoam Ball
Fiskars Kids Classic Blunt Tip Recycled Scissors
White Craft Foam
ECO-Green Permanent Markera>
Hot glue gun
Small, clean glass jar with lid (ie a baby food jar)
Eco Kids Eco-Dough


1. Cut 6 hearts from the craft foam and write an answer with permanent markers. You can make them say anything you want. If you want to give this as a gift to someone maybe say I’ll do it or Take a Break. Get creative!

2. Attach the hearts to the cube with hot glue and let it sit for a few moments before touching it.

3. Place the answer cube in the jar and fill the jar with water right to the top. Close the lid tightly and test for leaks. If your jar isn’t watertight, maybe use the hot glue to seal it.

4. Cover the jar clay or dough. Make sure to leave the bottom of the jar clear. Then decorate as you see fit. You can use stickers, glitter, old buttons or broken jewelry and hair clips! Make it your own!

* Depending on the size of your jar after you are done you can cover the clay or dough with clear nail polish to keep it from cracking.

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