Make your own Recycled Monsters!

Fibrecraft Foam Sheets
(any colors you want to make your monsters and garden)
Cloth, buttons, any odds and ends you can find to dress up your monsters and garden
Sparkling Glitter Shakers(if you have)
Glue-On Googly Eyes
Recycled Construction Paper
Pipe Cleaners Assorted Colors
Multicolored Poms
Recycled Scissors
Natural Children’s White Glue


First cut out the shapes for your monsters, flowers, plants and trees. If you have stencils or want to make stencils go ahead! You can use them for future projects. After getting your pieces cut out figure out what pieces you want to glue to which. You can either glue everything on to a paper or box or make everything loose to rearrange over and over again.  Then begin gluing everything together.  You can even tie things together if you have ribbons lying around.  You can sew buttons and other odds and ends to them.  You can use anything you find lying around the house.  You don’t even have to use foam to make your monsters, use news papers or magazines, use cotton balls if you don’t have pom-poms, what ever you want to decorate.  Use your imagination!!!

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