May’s Eco-Pet Pick

Perfect for traveling, rides to the vet, thunderstorms Happytails Sleepytime Tonic was developed to relax and calm an over-anxious dog. My dog is a rescue and although she was rescued almost 10 years ago she is still nervous and scared in certain situations. There are many different products out there claiming to calm but this one really works.
Happytails Sleepytime Tonic blend of all natural ingredients address underlying predispositions and weaknesses which cause anxiety in your pet. Some of these behaviors are the result of breeding and some are genetic. These predispositions exhibit themselves in the repeated reaction patterns of fear, apprehension, aggression or hyperactivity.
Put a few drops in your dog’s mouth twice a day. You will see your dog grow calmer and more relaxed. If he or she is not comfortable taking the Happytails Sleepytime Tonic orally you can add it to a treat or put it on his/her food. Happytails Sleepytime Tonic is an excellent complement to training designed to break habits like barking, cowering or aggression.
You will see calming after about 20 minutes and consistant changes after only a few days. The important thing it to administer consistantly.

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